Features of TΛP Messenger

Local Chatting
Why chat with people thousands of miles away when you can chat with local users? TΛP gives you the option to chat in private with people who live around you.
Push Notifications
Get notified instantly when a user sends you a message. You can even customize your settings to stop getting notifications, only get notifications from friends, or allow for anyone to get your attention - the choice is yours.
Private Instant Messages
Send and receive instant messages with your friends. In every message session you will find delivery receipts that give you that extra sense of security knowing your messages have been sent and received.
Public Chat Rooms
Join categorized chat rooms with up to 99 chatters per room. If a room fills up you can always join the queue as a spectator to watch and wait before chatting again.
Profile Status Updates
Just like on your favorite social networks, you can edit your status, view other people's updates in real-time, and keep up to date with what's happening around you.
Photo Messaging
Send and receive photos via your mobile device. The best part of this feature is that it's completely free for you and your friends to use.
Friends List
If you meet someone interesting, add them to your list. If they accept, you can freely communicate with them, view their status updates in real-time, and keep in touch via Push Notifications no matter what you are doing.
Privacy Control
Block those who tick you off, report those who break the rules. TΛP Messenger gives you full control to set who can or cannot communicate with you.
Random Match
We give TΛP users the option to put in their birth date and gender. With this data you can queue up for a Random Match session, which will automatically find a user of your liking to chat with. It's just another optional way to socialize on your mobile device.
Express Yourself
Unique usernames, profile images, stickers, colored names, NameFX, and Badges, there's plenty of ways to express yourself in TΛP Messenger. Define yourself.
100% Free for Life
You will never have to pay a dime for TΛP, as it will always be a free application. Just make sure you have some sort of data plan if you plan to use TΛP on a cellular network.

TAP Messenger is being built to be a Cross-Platform Chat.

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