Frequently Asked Questions

What is "TΛP Messenger"?
It's a free chat messenger built for iOS and Android Devices. It enables you to add known names to your friends list to chat with, allows you to join chat rooms to find new people who have similar interests, not to mention the ability to find new buddies who live near you without exposing your exact location.

TΛP vs. SMS?
With SMS you can chat and send photos back and forth but you also have to expose your real life phone number. TΛP Messenger brings back that sense of anonymity that you used to know and love. SMS can also cost extra money, TΛP is 100% free so long as you have a enough data on your data plan, or use our app over WiFi.

What are Status Messages?
You can use your Status Message to show what you are currently doing, inform others of your relationship status, or just tell the world how you feel. Try to keep it short and sweet!

Does it cost anything to use TΛP Messenger?
No! You will never be charged a dime for TΛP, unless you opt-in for our account upgrades such as NameFX and Badges.

How do I view someone's profile?
1.) If you have the user on your buddy list, go to your list and tap their name.
2.) If the user is in a chat room, you can tap "Users" and browse for their name.
3.) If the user is in an IM Session / Chat Room, tap the "Profile" button.
4.) If you are using "Browse Profiles", simply tap their name in the list of data.

How do I change my Name Color/Photo/etc?
On the "Account" tab, tap "Settings", and scroll through all of the available configuration options on that view. You can change your name color, enable or disable Push Notifications, setup your Birth Date / Gender, upload a Photo for your profile / thumbnail, and of course update your Status.

What Mobile Devices do you officially support?
We support fully the iPhone3GS / iPhone4 / iPhone4S / iPhone5 / iPhone5S / iPhone5C and any of the iPod Touch devices with cameras. We also will be supporting all major Android devices.

How do I send Photos?
You can only send photos to users via Instant Message. Simply open up an IM session with someone, press the photo button at the bottom left corner above the tab bar, and then choose either "Existing" or "Take a Photo", and then "Use" to send the photo to the user.

How do I block someone?
View the user's profile and at the bottom above the tab bar, tap "Block" and "Confirm" the block. Now the user is unable to send messages or photos to you via Instant Message sessions and Chat Rooms.

How do I report someone?
Please remember that reporting someone who is not doing anything against our terms of service is actually against our terms of service. Make sure you only report users who are violating our rules! To report someone, visit their profile, and then tap the "Report" button. It will ask you a couple questions and then you have to submit the report. We usually handle reports within 24 hours.

How do I start my own Chat Room?
We do not currently allow users to create their own chat rooms. We may add this functionality in the future, but for the time being you are limited to joining one of our pre-defined chats. You can always submit room ideas by visiting our Contact TΛP page.

How can I add my existing iPhone contacts to TΛP?
We do not currently allow for importing contacts to TΛP. If you want to bring over all of your friends we suggest doing it in a more personal manner. We don't want our users spamming everyone in the world to join our app, as this looks like, well, spam.

Can people see where I live if I enable Location Information?
Not exactly. We do not put exact location data anywhere on our app. We only allow users to know that people are nearby them. We let you tell the people you talk to where you live on your own, leaving you with full control of your whereabouts.

Need further assistance?
Feel free to contact TΛP if you have a question that is not already answered on this page. Expect a response within 24 hours, but please be patient if it takes longer.

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