TAP is a Cross-Platform Chat Messenger

iOS or Android (Soon)
No matter if you want to use an Android device or an iOS device - TAP Messenger will work for you. We created our chat app in a way that makes sure our users, no matter what device they want to use, will always be able to access our app. (Android Soon!)
Cellular or WiFi
You don't need cellular access to chat with TAP Messenger, however we do support such usage. All you need is an active WiFi connection to use our app.
iPhone Chat App / Android Chat App (Soon)
The best thing about our app is that you can use it as an iPhone Messenger or an Android Messenger. Those two platforms make up a huge majority of smartphones used around the world. (Android Soon!)
Free Chat App
Our app is always going to be free, and no that does not mean it is filled with advertisements. Expect a fast, reliable and enjoyable experience while chatting inside TAP Messenger.

You can download our app by clicking Get TAP Messenger.

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