About Our App

Researching Chat on Mobile Devices
Our team has been researching the best way for chat to be on mobile devices since 2010. We would search chat, messenger, etc. on various App Stores, and even looked for every possible Web App option as well. We saw what was working, what wasn't, and realized what was not even in existence.

Developing Chat on Mobile Devices
We started creating a few types of chat apps and submitted them to the iOS App Store. We didn't bother with android at this point for we did not want to double our development time, but we'll talk more about that later. We created some that had basic chat room features, others with basic private messaging features, and a few with a sort of chat lobby where you could choose which theme of chat you wanted to enter.

Analyzing Usage
Over the course of ~3 years we had over 1.5 million downloads of our apps, and keep in mind these were very basic, feature-poor, horrible to look at, boring apps. So we started going through and asking users in the chat for feedback. We asked them if they liked the app, what could be added, what could be removed, etc. We did this often, randomly showing up in the chat rooms with an "Admin" name asking as many questions as possible before the users got bored. Eventually we started taking Surveys, collecting data that could be easily visualized. We obtained ~200 responses per day by advertising a survey link inside the chat every so often.

Creating TAP Messenger
After research, basic development, and further researching real chat users we finally had the right ingredients to make TAP Messenger. Our founder started gathering a team of talented individuals from all reaches of the world. They collaborated, designed, coded, conceptualized and did a bunch of other development-related terms over the course of a few months and eventually TAP was a full functioning beta app that could be used by a selected few. We're at this stage right now, and we're about to release "Beta 3".

Launching TAP Messenger
We expect to launch TAP at the end of 2013, if not the beginning of 2014. We have a few more changes to make to our infrastructure, ensuring we have redundancy, higher maximum concurrency, and a bit of polish here and there to make sure the app looks beautiful on all platforms. It's a big deal announcing to the public you have an app that can support millions of connected users at once, so we are making sure we make good on our word.

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